Pass Plus Course In Manchester

What Is Pass Plus?

Pass Plus is a short driving course that you take after passing your driving tests. The course totals six hours and is designed to help new motorists to improve their skills and safety on the road. The driving course can be taken any time after obtaining your license. It is recommended to be taken in your first year on the road, as this time-period is when new drivers are most at risk of a road accident.

Wiz Driving School instructors are qualified to teach the Pass Plus Course. The course is not compulsory, like the theory and practical tests, but to receive a certificate you will need to reach the required standard when assessed after each module by your instructor.

What Does A Pass Plus Course Involve?

The course is divided into six ‘modules’ which cover various aspects of daily driving:

Person driving

Boost Your Confidence

We recommend that you split up the Pass Plus course into three 2-hour blocks, so that you can take all of the new knowledge in whilst maintaining concentration out on the road.

Pass Plus is optional, but a good idea for new drivers who want to gain more driving experience behind the wheel with their instructor, covering areas of driving they might not have experienced yet.

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