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Why Become A Driving Instructor In Manchester?

Being an approved driving instructor (ADI) is a highly rewarding job. Build up relationships with your pupils and watch their confidence and ability blossom as they benefit from your learning. Together, you will feel a sense of achievement when they pass their test, becoming somebody they will never forget as they enjoy their freedom of the roads.

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We’re an ambitious driving school aiming to grow in Manchester, so if you are a fully qualified driving instructor we’d love to hear from you. Contact us today for more information about joining Wiz!

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Been looking for driving instructor training in Manchester? Want a fulfilling career and a great income? We offer you complete support, as you start your journey to becoming an ADI and join our passionate team. Begin your new career meeting people from all walks of life. Make an unforgettable impression as you teach them your students this life skill!

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Wiz Driving School offers friendly and professional driving instructor training in Manchester. We aim to provide the highest level of driving tuition for people of all ages. Join the passionate team of a driving school in Manchester with great reviews!

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Frequently Asked Questions

If you’re interested in becoming a driving instructor, read common questions about the profession below. If you have another query, do not hesitate to get in touch with us.

Being a driving instructor requires passion and patience. At Wiz Driving School, teaching people to drive is more than just a job. We love what we do and we are looking for individuals who would feel the same way, with a calm and professional manner to maintain our reputation.

To become a driving instructor you’ll need to be aged 21 or over with at least 3 years of driving experience. Your driving license will need to be relatively clean with no major criminal convictions. 

To become an ADI there are 3 sections to a test. Each section of the ADI test holds a different purpose, to prepare you for the profession.

ADI Test 1 holds similarities to the Theory Test but goes much further in-depth. The test is computer-based and features 100 multiple choice questions and a hazard perception test. This takes around 90 minutes to 2 hours to finish.

ADI Test 2 holds similarities to the practical driving test, but only 6 driver faults are allowed with 1 major fault leading to an instant fail. In this test, you could drive on a motorway and will be assessed on your ability of hill starts and vehicle safety knowledge.

ADI Test 3 involves you being in the passenger seat. The examiner will test you with two scenarios as they role-play a pupil learning to drive. You will need to guide a nervous novice throughout a drive and then in the second scenario, you will assess the techniques of a more advanced learner almost ready to take their test.

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